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I was reading an honours thesis by Joel Ickiewicz and I thought his brief acknowledgements page was so cute I’d share it with other Troppodillians so, with Joel’s agreement, it is below the fold and it has won Troppo’s inaugural cutest acknowledgements page of the year.  This entitles the winner to a return trip to London flying first class with British “we may not be able to return your luggage, but we can always give you someone else’s” Airways.   All expenses paid (by the winner).

Mum. Dad. Thank you. I can never repay you for the support you have provided. Please don’t break my legs.

1 Steve Gray: Oracle. Your boundless knowledge was a tranquil lake which I thoroughly enjoyed doggy paddling in. Your perceptiveness the water visibility that allowed me to discover sunken thesis booty.

Pete Clarkson. You turned the cabbage soup which was Scientific Method into a rich meaty broth. Surely you are the gourmand of the BEL faculty.

Bradley, William, Ravindra, Thomas, Mathew, Samuel, Pascal you are scholars and gentlemen all. Grace & Taryn you are the Honours ladies who have my highest regard. You have all achieved this year’s goal of honourableness.

Jarad. Simon. You are not heavy. You are my brothers.

  1. Professor[]
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Graham Bell
Graham Bell
15 years ago

Nicholas Gruen:

Bloody brilliant!!

What a cleansing fresh breeze …. What a way to acknowledge and to say thanks!