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As many of you know, I’m usually around Troppo for Missing Link purposes, and it’s Missing Link that can take a great deal of the credit for Legal Eagle and I heading off on a new joint blogging venture. Jacques Chester – Troppo’s redoubtable blog admin – can also take a bunch of the credit, as we’re hosted on his Ozblogistan server (along with Andrew Norton). Jacques also built our site. There were also some other issues involved, including my decision to get serious about my research, which I outline here. Legal Eagle, of course, was always serious about her research, but that’s by the by.

In any case, we’ve kicked off skepticlawyer.com with – among other things – my response to Don Arthur’s thoughtful posts on inequality and ‘progressive fusionism’. I’ve tried to interrogate some of the terms of the debate, and I’d be very keen to field a few comments from the people who joined in on that thread – not just Don, but NPOV, Backroom Girl, Andrew Leigh and so on.

And in case you’re worried that Legal Eagle and I will be doing nothing but policy wonkery, I’m off to the US (for the first time, in fact) in a few hours, and you’ll all be treated to lots of Washington D.C. eye candy, courtesy the nice people who’re paying for my education at Oxford! I’ll also try to blog some bits of the conference, as James Buchanan and Tyler Cowan are pretty interesting chaps, and they’re both speaking.

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15 years ago

I was surprised to get this post sent to my email.