Rocky Real Estate Revisited

I’ve written before on the need to introduce property rights over celestial objects in order to encourage ICI — intrasolar colonisation and industrialisation. Now Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame writes on lunar property law. For contrast see one of the original proposals in this vein, Mars: Who Should Own It.

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  1. Dave Bath says:

    Actually, this planet, indeed this country, has a lot of unclaimed land, as lawyers investigating titles (especially “adverse possession” cases) find out regularly, because it is not unusal for the surveys for land registries to have “gaps” of up to a metre or so between properties.

    So, some smart person might be able to use a combination of searches through titles offices, google earth and geographical infosystems algorithms to lay claim to land that is not included in any extant title.

    Anyway, according to records on Alpha Centauri, the Vogons have already got approved plans to demolish Earth for their transport infrastructure, so all this is moot.

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