Best wishes to Fred

The more assiduous of those in the Tropposphere may have noticed Fred Argy by his absence in the last few weeks on this blog.  Fred went to hospital for an operation and is recovering well.  I’ve just spoken to him and wished him well.  I hope he’ll be back to his usual thoughtful best on Troppo in a few weeks time.

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8 Responses to Best wishes to Fred

  1. Bill Cushing says:

    Get well soon, Fred.

  2. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Best wishes.

  3. derrida derider says:

    Yep, Fred, we need you – get well soon.

  4. Hope all is well soon, Fred.

  5. Graham Bell says:

    Fred Argy:

    Get well soon.

    The sooner the better …. the blogosphere is going to the dogs while you are away
    [ :-) no, not really …. but get well soon anyway, :-) ].

  6. melaleuca says:

    Get well soon, Fred. I hope the hospital food was delicious! :)

  7. Jason Soon says:

    Get well soon, Fred.
    Your argy bargy is always appreciaited on the blogosphere.

  8. Fred Argy says:

    thank you.

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