The remarkably busy Herbert Gintis

As I’ve said before, I’m a big admirer of Herbert Gintis – at least as part of the duo of Gintis and Bowles who wrote the marvellous essay “Is equality passe” and has a string of books and great articles to his name.

His project is to develop the implications of what Gintis and Bowles call homo reciprocans, a recasting of homo economicus as a being deeply interested in reciprocation – his own and others – both for good and for bad.

Anyway, Prof Gintis is, I discovered an even busier boy than I thought. He has scads of pages of reviews of books on Amazon. He’s opinionated (mostly but not always in a good way) extremely knowledgeable and it’s a great introduction to an incredible number of the books in the area.

So go check them out.

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derrida derider
derrida derider
15 years ago

He’s also a bloody good game theorist. His textbook on dynamic game theory (from whence his interest in homo reciprocans) is a cracker. He’s a hyperactive polymath.