Brown out with Hegel Marx and Singer

As a long time fan of Hegel, I remember thinking as I skimmed a book on him in a bookshop that Peter Singer would make an awful mess of him – as people like Bertrand Russell did from a similar tradition a couple of generations back. But though there were various bits of Singer’s book on Hegel that I didn’t quite like, I had to admit it was an admirable survey of the thinking of someone whose prose escapes many innocent readers (myself included – I couldn’t understand much of it at all until I went to a marvellous seminar that Richard Campbell gave on it at ANU.

Be that as it may, if you’re interested in Hegel and want to watch people in brown suits in a brown studio on a brown couch talk about him and Marx in ways that you can understand, then go no further than this post of five YouTube videos of Peter Singer talking with Brian Magee.

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