Graphs like you’ve never seen them before

And exciting presentation of fascinating data. Hat tip to a Troppodillian whose email I have now lost but who emailed me a week or so ago suggesting I watch this and write it up on Troppo. Apologies, this isn’t much of a write up, but I’m afraid I’m flat out. And I didn’t think of anything much to say except ‘watch this video’ – it’s great.

Postscript: It was Roger – Sorry about that. Thought it was, but couldn’t confirm it from my emails for some reason, so thought I’d better not nominate the wrong person.

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6 Responses to Graphs like you’ve never seen them before

  1. Richard Green says:

    For those whom haven’t seen the tool before and want to play with it themselves.

    And it does give you an urge to project it on a big screen and conduct the development of the world like a great tragibrilliant orchestra.

  2. Patrick says:

    That was fantastic. I’m on par with the chimpanzee, unfortunately.

  3. Roger says:

    …just so moved to be accepted as a “Troppodillian”…and…um…world peace.

  4. rog says:

    Thats an impressive presentation, very impressive indeed (pity about the big download, telstra will wack me with another huge bill)

  5. Thanks for the vid and link. Visual is often best for slow monkeys like me – think I’ll email it to my local pollie!

  6. Mark U says:

    If you go to the website you will find that Hans Rosling has given a 2007 presentation to TedTalks. The one Nicholas has linked to is the 2006 presentation. The graphs are similar in this 2007 speech, but there are some great new slides on the implications of different levels of poverty in Africa on the level of household amenity and a very unexpected and entertaining finale.

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