Bolt neglects culture refining duties in favour of fanatic green crusader defence.

Andrew Bolt admonishes abusive foam flecked greens for their reaction to a grim metaphor and contrasts the obsession with AGW with a lack of concern about the coarsening of our culture.

A moderator has just told me half a dozen spectacularly nasty comments have had to be snipped. Which kind of makes my point in another way – that many fanatic green crusaders seem blind to human values and feel themselves licensed to hate.

As youd probably understand, Im not saying that green-bag shoppers are baby-killers. Im drawing a contrast between a furious concern for a planet thats not in danger, and a dangerous lack of concern for increasing number of children who are, and for the coarsening of the culture thats responsible.

But roughly half of Mr. Bolts fifty something blog posts since Monday have concentrated on the subject of global warming. Surely we should be deeply concerned that he is putting inadequate energies into redressing societys crumbling values. Another fifty-odd posts on culture coarsening between now and the weekend would go some way toward making up for this laziness.

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