“An Imperfect Offering: Dispatches from the medical frontline”

“The rich beauty of Dr. James Orbinskis writing contrasts with the stark poverty and suffering of the people he has served. . . . This book exposes truths most of us would rather not know. Do not put it down. . . . See who you become after reading it.

Canadian Medical Association Journal

I was equally moved by an interview with the author on tonight’s LNL. The unsparing clarity of his insight into suffering and redemption after years on the frontline with MSF in Rwanda, Somalia and Afghanistan is a dark and beautiful gift.

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15 years ago

Thank you. Ordered.

15 years ago

It was a powerful interview Ingolf.

I was particularly struck by the part where he describes trying to place a gastric feeding tube down a poor starving HIV infected infant’s throat, and the child cries in pain.

He pauses for a moment to steel himself to the task and looks out the window at lush green mountains and fertile soil, and asks himself why these people are starving amongst such plenty. And the answer he eventually discovers, is that the IMF policies have forced the people to grow coffee and tea as a cash crop on those lush terraced mountainsides, and not food for their children to eat.

Nicholas Gruen
15 years ago

Yes, I liked his care and thoughtfulness in answering PA’s questions.

TerjeP (say tay-a)
TerjeP (say tay-a)
15 years ago

The IMF was formed to look after the worlds gold and ensure global monetary stability. Having failed at that job it should have been disbanded long ago.