Ranking the economics blogs

Congratulations to Andrew Leigh who has scraped onto the list of the top 50 economics blogs.

This came as a feed from The Austrian Economists where one of the five bloggers was excited to come in at 38.

Marginal Revolution was on the top, followed by Econbrowser and then Paul Krugman. Can’t be bothered working out the methodology, these things are too suss in my opinion. On the score of “links to” over the last 90 days, Marginal Revlution scored 57, Econbrowser 47, Krugman 46, The Austrian Economists 9, Andrew Leigh 7.

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15 years ago

Dunno know how they figure it out, Rafe.

The Epicurean Dealmaker in NYC investment banker’s blog. There’s nothing in there you could say is about economics unless clipping Goldman Sachs over the head for the really shitty way they fired their junior staff is considered economics

It’s a great blog. The scorn, cattiness and sarcasm displayed there (always fair though) is truly excellent. Should be on every blog roll.

The Epicurean Dealmaker

Thanks for the kind words, JC.

Like you, I am mystified why Palgrave chose to include me in their rankings, much less in the top 50.

The only thing I can figure is that investment bankers probably comprise, both individually and as a group, approximately 532% of the gross economic consumption in New York City. Hence, perhaps, the interest which professional economists view our species and its behavior patterns.