Neutralising your weaknesses

Statement from Frank Raines released an hour after the ad above was released: “I am not an adviser to Barack Obama, nor have I provided his campaign with advice on housing or economic matters.”

“This is another flat-out lie from a dishonorable campaign that is increasingly incapable of telling the truth. Frank Raines has never advised Senator Obama about anything — ever. And by the way, someone whose campaign manager and top adviser worked and lobbied for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shouldn’t be throwing stones from his seven glass houses,” said Obama-Biden campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

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15 years ago

The Washington Post reported that Raines had in fact advised Obama. This is part of the Obama campaign’s new post-Palin strategy of crying Lying Liars Who Lie! every time their victim man gets nailed about something he has done wrong. Like the fact that he took more cash from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae than any other politician. Strange how the Obama As Victim Squad hasn’t complained about that other ad, the one that points out Obama appointed crooked Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson to head his VP search. And when it comes to financing a housing purchase, Obama’s convicted criminal friend – the Syrian-American mafioso, Tony Rezko – is a can-do dude.

15 years ago

I’m loving McCain’s new strategy of pretending that the dodgy unregulated behaviour by Republican-voting Wall St that took place on the watch of a Republican Congress and Republican Administration, is somehow the fault of the new guy from the other party.

It’s not a whole industry at fault – it’s two companies that were peripherally part of it. Two companies we think we can draw a tenuous line, through one of the board members who isn’t involved with our Republican campaign, between and Obama. Therefore it’s all his fault. Even though he’s been arguing against this sort of thing ever since he arrived in Washington.

McCain, on the other hand, was talking up the very lack of regulation that led to the crisis only last week and arguing that it should be applied TO THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

Any American who thinks McCain doesn’t support exactly the sort of unregulated Wall St behaviour that led to the crisis is a sucker.

15 years ago

Anyone who assumes that the problem is a lack of regulation is also a sucker, I’m afraid.

So we must be all even here.