Research Assistance, writing anyone?

Someone who used to do some ‘spot’ research assistance for Lateral Economics has got a new job which means he can no longer do it.  Anyone interested in doing occasional research assistasnce should drop me an email at ngruen AT lateraleconomics DOT com and after that add a DOT au. Work is occasional and of course you are never expected to be available and hanging around for us to call – if you can’t do something we ask, so long as you haven’t previously agreed to do it, that’s fine. 

You don’t need to be an economist, though if you are that would be nice.  Core skills are good use of the internet to find material, with a strong preference for someone with access to university databases. If you can write that will expand the things we can ask you to do and if you think you have some skill in thinking about policy that’s even better.  Remuneration negotiable (and usually nothing flash at least while we figure each other out!).

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