A great taxi service in Melboune – and a bleg for others around the traps

Regular readers of this blog may remember Neil, the guy who runs a great taxi ‘ring’ – a group of drivers who cooperate in providing a superior service to the crap you have to put up with from the branded networks of taxis. I really hate their policy of not offering you any idea of when the taxi will turn up. When you say ‘I know you can’t promise, but how busy are you?’ they say ‘We can’t give time assurances sir’ – which wasn’t what I asked for. I was just after a bit of information.

Anyway, just when I was planning on advertising Neil’s service on this blog all hell broke loose and it seemed like a crazy time for me to be getting him any more customers. Now things have returned to a bit more normality – and Neil is driving again. So anyone who wants a taxi in Melbourne I know of no better number you could ring than 0418 995 139. And if you get Neil or Damien let them know I sent you.

And if anyone has any similar numbers for other cities, it would be just fine and dandy if they’d record them in comments.

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