Cranlana after a new CEO

The Myer Foundation’s ‘Cranlana’ Program is named after Sidney Myer’s magnificent Toorak home where the program holds a range of functions. I attended one of these when I was working at the BCA. I remember doing the reading for it before hand and thinking it was going to be awful. The reading was snippets of Aristotle, Plato, Thucydides, Confucius, Machiavelli, John Locke and Isaiah Berlin to name a few. I’d been taught to be allergic to this kind of thing in history – as one can read the words and think one knows what the person is getting at, but without some decent background (most political tracts are a case against someone else for instance) and if you don’t have the background about what the context is you misread all sorts of things in the piece.

Anyway I loved the week we had because the texts were used as prompts – there wasn’t much angst about what Plato was ‘really’ getting at. And the prompts were to talk about ‘the good life’ – what a good society would look like. Now that sounds a bit poncy – I guess it was a bit. But what was great was that one was in a room with about 15-20 lively strangers and the great conspiracy according to which one steers clear of talking about anything serious until you know someone well was simply held in abeyance. So, for whatever reason, I found it great fun.

Anyway, all this is by way of preparation for saying that Cranlana is advertising for a new CEO. If you fancy yourself as its CEO and you fancy the salary of $140-150,000 and/or the address, then you’d better send them an application. Their add is below the fold.

Chief Executive Officer

Exceptional leadership opportunity
Stimulating intellectual environment
$140 – $150,000 package

The Cranlana Programme Foundation is seeking to appoint an outstanding Chief Executive Officer due to retirement of the current incumbent. This is an exciting and significant position leading some of Australias most inspirational leadership programmes.

The CEO is responsible for leading and developing the organisation, guided by a dedicated Board of Directors. Key areas of responsibility include maintaining the philanthropic integrity of the organisation, together with its highly regarded intellectual reputation; ensuring the continuing delivery of seminars to exacting standards; refining and implementing the strategy and business plan for the expansion of The Cranlana Programmes activities over the next five years.

With a record of outstanding achievement and significant experience in a leadership role, you are a creative thinker, keenly interested in the ideas, principles and values that inform responsible leadership and its role in building the good society. Your highly developed conceptual and analytical skills will support your ability to deal with complex issues. You will have gravitas, leadership experience and passion for the objectives of The Cranlana Programme. In addition, you will require strong organisational skills and a hands-on approach to working in a small team environment, located in Toorak, Victoria. Appropriate tertiary qualifications are essential.

The Cranlana Programme offers leaders from the private, public and community sectors the opportunity to participate in a unique programme of seminars directed at enhancing their understanding of the philosophical, ethical and social issues central to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable society in Australia.

The Cranlana Programme Foundation is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation, initiated and supported by The Myer Foundation. To learn more, visit

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