Cricketing tip

Ten year old Alex has spent all day very close to a bright red, brand new Kookaburra cricket ball.  the two of them have been pretty much inseparable. On going to bed I joked with him about how you rub the ball on your pants.  He said “yes but you have to lick it or it doesn’t work”.  I said I knew that – it helps get the ball shiny. “No” Alex corrected me. “It helps make your pants go red”.

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Luke Slawomirski
13 years ago

Which is of course why crickers wear whites – that and because the grass stains look really good after you’ve taken a really specky catch.

Watching your boy play is just one of the best things eh? My 10yo scored 32 Not Out last Saturday & as a result gets to play in the U12’s this week!!

Tom N.
Tom N.
13 years ago


I never managed double figures while batting for South Wagga Public School, but I did manage to dismiss the (then future) captain of the Australian cricket team three times in four balls once. (Admittedly, two were sixes-and-out, and one clipped the sprinkler outside leg stump and took off stump! Still, they’re just mere details… :)


Joshua Gans
Joshua Gans(@joshua-gans)
13 years ago

So, can we expect your blogging output to decline for a weeks while you take Alex to the nets, to do justice to his ‘bright red, brand new Kookaburra cricket ball’? Make sure you don’t use it on a concrete pitch.

derrida derider
derrida derider
13 years ago

Tell him to suck a mint before he licks it. It really helps the swing.