Occasional media relations work anyone?

My posting of a request for people interested in providing research assistance was the most successful bit of job advertising I’ve ever done.* So why not a little more? Peach Home Loans needs constant media relations work, and its hard to find people who are good at it.  Accordingly if any Troppodillians out there fancy themselves as knowing the media game – or having the chutzpah to learn – please drop me an email.

Peach is looking for someone who knows how to write a press release, who has the infrastructure to send out press releases (most of this can be automated over the web these days), who can establish and maintain lists of journos to contact and put some effort into cultivating some selected ones.  It would be even better if you can think of ‘angles’ for stories to get covered – which would sometimes require some research that either you or we could do. And there will be a few Lateral Economics initiatives in the next little while with which you can help.

So please drop me a line if you like the sound of it. (And if you applied to do research assistance job so far without luck 1 and you fancy this work as well, please be my guest)  Please note, although this is a nice casual post, you may want to put some thought into the email you send me – because others will.  All of the research assistant emails I got were tempting, but those who’d put a bit of thought into their email – including sending me CVs turned out to have an advantage over the others. Not that I designed it that way, but that’s how it turned out.  In fact those who included their phone numbers put themselves at a major advantage just because when when the first person I’d been using wasn’t available I needed to find out who else was available at short notice – and one thing led to another. . . .

* There were about ten applications – none of which were duds (the ratio of duds to half way decent in an MSM or Seek ad is about 80:20). And some were clearly excellent.  I’ve got back to everyone, but not obviously enough been able to use everyone.  But I’ve got people’s applications on file, so I can get back to them if the need arises. (Hint; if you still want to be considered, it would be sensible to send me your phone number as the need for work can arise quite fast and it’s necessary to talk fairly quickly to see if people can do things.)

  1. well even if you did have luck[]
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