Christmas book promotion

Declaration of interest, the artist is my spouse, but don’t let that prejudice you! Kilmeny Niland has produced a prequel to the best selling Aussie Night Before Christmas. The Aussie Day Before Christmas hot off the press, following two other books earlier in the year, Two Tough Teddies and Fat Pat.

Being talented and versatile, she has a line in Portraits,, Miniature Art, Wildlife, and Haiga (illustrated haiku).

A comment on the marketing side, Scholastic decided to take punt by cutting the price of some of their books by almost half. The standard cost of a hardback picture book is around $25 and they priced Aussie Night and Aussie Day at $15.95. Places like Big W cut further to something like $10.95. This worked for Scholastic last year because a week before Xmas they had four of their books in the list of top 10 childrens books.

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