My sister is engaged!

She asks me tell you that:

  1. Stevo Rocks, and
  2. She has bling!

Update: Bling evidence:
The bling

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2 Responses to My sister is engaged!

  1. Liam says:

    1. Stevo bling, and
    2. She has rocks?

  2. Tel_ says:

    I’ve been wondering how long before the diamond bubble breaks. I mean, the natives don’t accept beads as currency anymore, and technology has almost perfected a cheap synthetic diamond (actually cubic zirconia is already a drop-in replacement, but we have constructed social defenses to temporarily maintain the value of existing diamond investments).

    By the way, the above photo neatly works as a counter example to:

    Is it possible to buy ten to fifteen year “put” options on the diamond industry ?

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