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Introducing Richard Green

Richard Green is an honours graduate from Newcastle who is also an interesting and thoughtful fellow. He is eager for an audience for his work. So I’ve upped his permissions from ‘subscriber’ to ‘author’ so expect some posts from him … Continue reading

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Happy new year

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Finishing unfinished business in the NT

Aboriginal affairs in the NT has always been a mess. It certainly became worse after the 1976 introduction of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (Northern Territory) and the replacement of jobs with “sit down money”. Then came a quarter-decade rule … Continue reading

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Some Notes on the New Age of Emergent Public Goods: Part One

I’m going to try to write some posts about public goods as part of writing something about the new age of public goods. As readers to this blog will know, I’ve got a bit of a thing about public goods, … Continue reading

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A bit of holiday trivia for you. I came upon a form of tourism I didn’t quite believe. “Travelling Gentlemen” accompanied their countrymen to the Crimean War, and set up out of cannon range from the battlefields with their wives … Continue reading

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Recessions optimism, pessimism and political attitudes through life

Interesting stuff methinks: In Growing up in a Recession: Beliefs and the Macroeconomy (NBER Working Paper No. 15321), co-authors Paola Giuliano and Antonio Spilimbergo substantiate the importance of the historical economic environment in shaping economic attitudes, affecting individuals’ views of … Continue reading

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Dr Seuss does Copenhagen.

The lads from the BBC radio comedy  The Now Show, distill the essence of Copenhagen. The English Blog has the transcript

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