Annual Crikey! Group subscription

STOP PRESS: $55 last day!  Offer closes Tuesday 24th February 2007 (told you!) Now Closed.

Hi all,

It’s on again this year – with our group subscription running out, it’s time to resubscribe – if you want to. 

The amount you’ll pay is a function of how many takers we have.

Here’s the list of prices from Crikey.

  • 3-5 subscribers – $95 each
  • 6-9 subscribers – $85 each
  • 10-20 subscribers – $75 each
  • 20-49 subscribers – $65 each
  • 50+ subscribers – $55 each

Please email me at nicholas AT gruenxxx DOT com DOT au – without the ‘xxx’s if you’re prepared to sign up at the ten plus level of $75 though I expect we’ll make the cut to the twenty plus level and perhaps even to the next one.

PS: We’re already over 10 subsribers and I hope heading into 20-49 territory.

PPS: Now over 20!

PPPS: Now up to 42 – help us get to 50!

PPPPS: 60 plus. 

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[…] long and the short of the arrangement is that the more people sign up through Nick’s deal (go here and follow the instructions), the cheaper it is. At the moment Nick’s up to 42 subs, and only needs another eight to max […]