Highly Suss

Highly SusIt seems incredible, hard to believe, but we’ve got ten double passes to give away to Highly Suss, which looks like fun.  I’d go myself if I wasn’t going to be overseas. If you’re planning to be in Melbourne for the 4th of April, then let us know and we can send you a ticket to a Troppo table – or perhaps a block of seats in the audience. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be amazed at the incredible elephants that will be on stage. You’ll be abducted by aliens. But you’ll be returned back to the theatre in time for you to catch your tram home.  

How do you let us know – with a comment leaving your email below or by emailing me at nicholas AT gruen DOT com DOT au. Or after Monday 23rd March to rex UNDERSCORE ringschott AT yahoo DOT com DOT au

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15 years ago

Alas, I’m heading to Perth on 3 April.

I was walking past the Supreme Court last week and saw these guys out the front, one of them wearing a balaclava. Nobody paid them any attention at all. It was quite strange.