Adam Smith and Jane Austen the Podcast Sloan at ABC Canberra and I have a chat on air about fortnightly usually corresponding to one of my columns.  We had a chat on Adam Smith and the Theory of Moral Sentiments last Thursday and I was in some trepidation that I might become rather incoherent as the ideas are quite subtle.  And explaining Smith’s concept of sympathy – which though the best ‘translation’ is the one he uses himself, fellow-feeling – it somehow sounds sentimental and unconvincing that this could be a powerful social force.  Also Alex wanted to talk about Jane Austen which added a possibly new degree of difficulty. Anyway, it all worked out well I think, though you may disagree!

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John Passant
John Passant
12 years ago


I’ll check it out after work tonight. bur don’t see what the dog’s dilemma is – most blogging (my own included) could be described as pointless incessant blogging.

And tell Alex i am available for interviews, specially after the success of my monthly more or less guest appearances on 2XX.

But my philosophy is probably a little off putting to soem of her listeners. A brief discussion of the ideas of Marx would be possible and all sort of intellectual and non-threatening.

I like Alex’s program a lot.