A tricky one

I’ve had a few requests for more of these – so I’ll pop them up when they’re especially classy.  Click on the link to the game Breyer vs J Esser to see the answer. And of course any day you want a fix, just go to Chessgames.com


White to play
Breyer vs J Esser

17. ?
See game for solution.
Difficulty Scale
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14 years ago

17. R-h7+?!?, KxR seems to work.

I haven’t analysed all the variations to the end yet, but the idea seems to be to clear away black’s defences and bring the powerful white pieces in play for an attack on black’s king with moves like B(b1)xg6, and the waiting move K-e2 (for an eventual R(a1)-h1.)

Black’s difficulty is that he seems to have no way to bring his pieces to defend his king in an adequate time-frame.

I’ll just pop over to see if I was right.