Fun through stupidity

Strength through joy wasn’t such a big hit in the end, but fun through stupidity – now that’s an inexhaustible well. Michael Neilson links to ten videos of chairs being used in various silly ‘extreme’ sports. Except for the very first office do, virtually everyone is a young male. Delightfully stupid things are done and less delightful risks are taken. All in the name of good clean male fun.

This is my favourite. Along with the due hilarity that ensues.

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15 years ago

Some friends and I once played a game of human ten pin bowling, with stackable metal chairs as the pins and us as the balls. Drunkenness was involved. Someone even managed to get a snap of one of the guys hurtling through the air on his side about to hit the chairs. Don’t try it yourself. It hurt when we sobered up.