Netherlands forced to close jails for inadequate prisoners

With John Quiggin proposing bets on the respective labour market performance of the US and Europe counting prison populations, the Dutch are closing jails for lack of prisoners.  Poor cuties. (HT: Michael Neilson)

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14 years ago

I didn’t see the bet, as far as I could tell it was Jack Strocchi betting John who didn’t take it up.

And the Dutch could surely rent them instead to the French.

14 years ago

Ah I clicked through to the wrong post.

I think that is an interesting bet. CW suggests that John is in for a torrid few years at least whilst the GFC runs its delayed course in Europe, but I guess the proof will be in the pudding!

Also he has made the bet conditional on assuming existing prison populations, which is in Europe’s favour since America could more easily reduce its prison population.