Ben Franklin: Learn out loud

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Well bargain hunters fresh from your kills at Borders (they don’t stand a chance when you’ve got those Troppo coupons in your hand) have we got a deal for you?  The entire autobiography of Ben Franklin read by Ben himself. OK, well I lied about that last bit, it’s really Greg Houser but he sounds awfully like Ben must have sounded in his day. Anyway, it’s free!  Yes, that’s right free but there’s more!  You get a new exercise regime to work out your abs while you listen to Ben.  Actually that’s not true.  You don’t get one of those and it’s not Ben (as I’ve already conceded).  Anyway, it’s not an amateur with a squeaky voice and a lithp from Libra Vox, but the full quid from Learn out Loud.

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