Frank Devine RIP

Frank Devine passed away on Friday morning. He enriched the lives of many people, whether or not they agreed with his views on politics, religion or anything else.

An early tribute can be found in The Australian, from Bernard Lane . The Weekend Australian tomorrow will carry stories from Peter Coleman and others.

Condolences to Jacqui, Miranda, Rosalind, Alexandra and others who are close to him.

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John Greenfield
John Greenfield
15 years ago

Does anybody know if/when/where there will a service for Frank?

I have some great tales (nice ones) to share from my weekend as a guest of the Devines on Park Avenue – when Frank was Editor of the New York Post – when his daughter and protege picked me up in a bar in Boston – young, genius, and full of cum as I was – and after I bought her two Strawberry Daquiris as she invited to stay the weekend in NY. I did.

I have nothing but fun stories about that weekend, and my condoloscences to Mrs. Devine, Miranda, and her sister.