Public Sector Update

Chartered Secretaries Australia are putting on a show called a Public Sector Update in which I’m talking on Public Sector Innovation under the unnecessarily pessimistic title of “Can innovation in the public sector exist?”

How to harness your intrinsic motivation to drive innovation

Review of current practices for innovation in government

How to use regulation and governance to drive innovation

Facilitating and promoting innovation in the public sector

The reason I’m posting this is that I got an email today which said this “As a token of appreciation for your valuable support thus far, I’d like to welcome you to bring a colleague complimentary as our guest to attend the Annual Public Sector Update. All you need to do is provide me with their details in order to register them for the day.”

So here’s your big chance. Check out the conference here (pdf) and decide if you want to come free. Email me at ngruen AT LateralEconomics DOT com DOT au if you do want to take me up on the offer (first in best dressed). But please don’t take up the offer and then not turn up.

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12 years ago

A good starting point for a public sector organisation might be to review what it’s intrinsic motivation should be. Is the primary one to “support the Minister”? What would happen if equal weight were given to “support the people of our state/nation”?

For one thing it might do wonders for the approach to Freedom of Information requests.