Ranking economics bloggers

A paper called Blogometrics has created a ranking of economics bloggers and their blogs based on citations of their academic publications. Hat tip to The Economic Way of Thinking (Beaulier, Boettke and Prykitcho).

My new, outstanding colleague in Econ, Frank Mixon, and his co-author, Kumal Upadhyaya, have a new paper titled “Blogometrics” that’s worth a look. The authors find a strong correlation between research productivity and blog popularity. There’s also a nice narrative in the paper about some of the gems in the blogosphere, such as Marginal Revolution, Core Economics, and Environmental Economics.

Good luck if you enjoy this kind of thing.

The top bloggers by scholarly impact are:
1 Gary Becker
2 Greg Mankiw
3 Richard Posner
4 Nouriel Roubini
5 Paul Samuelson

12 Joshua Gans Melb
23 Stephen King Monash
33 Andrew Leigh ANU
37 Mark Crosby Melb
55 K Lim Melb
58 Sam Wylie Melb

If you find that paper too boring and nerdish, try Economists do it with models.

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4 Responses to Ranking economics bloggers

  1. derrida derider says:

    Gee, I’da thought John Quiggin would have rated well ahead of the other aussies in the citation index stakes.

  2. derrida derider says:

    PS: there is absolutely no way Posner & Roubini should be ahead of Samuelson, and its even surprising if Mankiw or Becker are too. Something’s wrong here – looking at that list, I’d guess the citation index is for relatively recent papers only.

  3. Rafe Champion says:

    Yes, maybe that explains some of the anomalies. JQ surely ranks above the other Australians (even if you don’t agree with him) and Peter Boettke could not believe that his own rank was realistic (round about 30+).

  4. zippy says:

    I would have expected to see Prof Steve Keen on that list.

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