Another cute little immortal game

It’s hell out there.

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Francis Xavier Holden
14 years ago

Ken – you are famous

From today’s AGE:

A political blogsite carried a headshot of him with a sneering caption: ”Shorten – ghoulish famewhore?” Beside it was an item skewering the then Australian Workers Union national secretary for fronting news cameras at the Tasmanian mine where a story that reverberated around the world was unfolding.

”As far as I know he has no expertise in mining or mine rescues, and no active role in the rescue effort,” sniped the cyber-critic. ”Yet he manages to hog just about every media report on the rescue effort, especially on the ABC. You’d swear he was running the whole thing and making all the decisions, instead of just positioning himself opportunistically to get his face on TV on any pretext.

”Not since Bob Hawke’s heyday have we seen a union leader with such a genius for self-promotion. I can’t help but find Shorten’s antics vaguely stomach-churning Could the ABC be already running Shorten’s campaign to succeed Bomber Beazley as ALP federal leader?”

That the critic was an obscure Darwin law lecturer didn’t matter.

Francis Xavier Holden
14 years ago

Famous for obscurity I mean.

I would have thought obstuse perhaps but not obscure

Francis Xavier Holden
14 years ago

or obtuse even