Dunera Statement: and film on the Dunera at the NSW Library

Dunera Camp through a Port HoleThe people on the Dunera were a clever lot.  I keep finding new and clever things they got up to. Anyway in the latest Dunera newsletter (now powered at least as much by the second as the first generation)  I saw this design.  It was (I presume) a cover design for the Dunera Statement, which (I presume) was the camp newsletter. I like it.

Literally less than an hour after posting this, I got an email from John Burgan.  Who is John Burgan I hear you cry. He’s a film maker who made the film “Friendly Enemy Aliens”. That’s what the Jewish refugees were called. “Enemy Aliens” was a nounal (?) phrase describing nationals of enemy countries and “Friendly” was the adjective. Anyway here are the details

Friendly, Enemy, Alien
Thursday 26 November 2009
12.10 pm
Metcalfe Auditorium, Macquarie St. Wing
Free, bookings not required
Friendly, Enemy, Alien Ronin Films, 2007, 90 minutes

In June 1940, HMT Dunera left the Liverpool docks crammed with 2,500 Germans and Austrians, supposedly heading for Canada. Eight weeks later the ship sailed into Sydney Harbour. Sixty years on, hear members of the Dunera boys talk about their experiences.

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