Name the dragon: win $50

My local council, Port Phillip is holding a competition for young people to name this dragon which has just been built in a playground.  If you’re any of the 0-17 kids reading this site you probably have some ‘issues’ but perhaps you can show it to your kids.  If you get your entry in by tomorrow, you might win $50.

Your stimulus money working for you (I think it’s stimulus money, it looks and smells like stimulus money but there’s no sign up so perhaps it’s just BAU).  Anyway, it’s nice to see them going all Gov 2 about it (even if you still have to fill your name in on a printed pdf form :(

The little coloured knobs on the dragon look like they’re for climbing (pause for about 15 seconds until the council gets it’s first tort suit for someone falling off).  Click on the image and you should get taken through to a nice big version of it.

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Francis Xavier Holden
14 years ago

Phillip The Dragon?


Bronwyn Bishop?