The master at work

Magnus Carlsen is not only now the highest rated player in the world, but like a lot of chess geniuses seems to be a cut above the others when it comes to lightning.

Have a look at him taking apart a couple of super-grandmasters. If you enjoy chess, it’s fun to watch him slowly pulling apart his opponents position with three pawns against a bishop.

Even if you don’t enjoy chess the second video is a time scramble in which his opponent ends up pretty pissed off.

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2 Responses to The master at work

  1. Chris Lloyd says:

    They sure beat the hell out of that clock. What is the average life expectancy of those gadgets? Do they come with a warranty?

  2. A bit like boxers – made to be hit. But sometimes they get punch drunk it’s true – then you get another one. Same thing is true of chess clocks really ;)

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