Nice CC-BY images for Christmas Bleg

I’m dreadful at Christmas Cards. I don’t think much of signing hundreds and having them sent off by a secretary, so if I do write them I try to write a bit on them, otherwise I can’t see the point.

I’m dead late this year again – though with a bit of an excuse – and the cards are coming in like those eagle borne letters to Harry Potter’s address when he’s staying with the muggles. In any event it occurred to me it might be nice to send emails with Flickr pictures or any other creative commons licensed pictures in emails.  Please post links to such pickies – or just your favourite (nice) Flickr images for our delectation, and remember, thanks to our Webmeister Jacques handiwork, you can also post the images themselves up here in comments.

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14 years ago

Wasn’t that “owl borne letters”?