Weiners & Gorge

Weiners and Gorge

"Eat our weiners and gorge", says the sign on this Los Angeles fast food joint. Every time I look at this photo I wonder what that means. Is it an invitation to overeat? Is gorge the name of some American fast food delicacy?

I took this photo in early 1987. From memory, it was somewhere around Hollywood.

No doubt the Lynne Truss brigade will complain about the misspelling of ‘wiener’. Since ‘wiener’ is short for ‘Wienerwurst’ (Vienna sausage) it should be written with the ‘i’ before the ‘e’ as in ‘Wien’ (the German name for Vienna). But as David Dominé points out, the ‘ei’ spelling is so common in the US that Merriam-Webster Online lists ‘weiner’ as a variant.

More interesting is the word ‘gorge’. Anyone want to have a go at explaining what the sign means?

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