Crikey, Crikey Crikey! Out it goes: It’s on again!

Hi all,

I was going to take a breather from the crikey annual group subscription this year, but couldn’t help myself. I’m beleaguered with people asking me if I’m doing it again.  Because it’s not hard to do I’m doing it again.

Please email requests to join in with your name and email address to mwilliscroft AT lateraleconomics DOT com DOT au

And we’ll then send them off to crikey who will then be in touch with you with an automated way for you to pay your (reduced) subscription.

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Patricia WA
Patricia WA
13 years ago

Interested in likely group subscription rates. Find Crikey unconcessioned rates too high for me.

Many thanks Patricia

13 years ago

Thank you for putting this together. I hope you do it again next year.