Classic radio anyone?

Well, I probably won’t be there, but I must say this is coooool. Very cool.

An auction of old old radios. They’re little bundles of nostalgia these little guys. What about this one!

Or perhaps you’d like it in blue. Blue we can do.

Joel’s, the auctioneer reckons they’ll go for around 1.5K.  Then again this cherry red Emerson AU 190 Cathedral will set you back 8-12K.

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Don Arthur
11 years ago

I can’t help wondering whether 100 years from now people will collect ipods.

So many different models, so many different colours …

Richard Green
11 years ago

A few years ago, after a major storm with quite notable results, I went to a local home brew shop to buy some concentrate for my (soon to be) parents in law.

So I walked down the street, past the crookedly parked cars which had been pushed around by floodwaters, and past the powerless cafe, still filled with an inch of mud (but still producing lattes to customers) and neogtiated intersections where the traffic lights were festooned with roofing insulation torn from some far residence.

I came to the homebrew shop. The floor was still sodden. What remained of the stock was stacked up on high shelves. There was no power. At the back the shopkeeper (a young man of about 25) sat on a milk crate, repairing the vacuum tubes of an ancient Japanese radio.

The love of these things can overcome any disaster it seems.