Carlsen strikes

White to play
Carlsen vs J Smeets

33. ?
See game for solution.
Difficulty Scale

From the Amberchess blindfold comp. I couldn’t work it out – and I could see!

And a nice little immortal game by Kasparov here.

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Steve Edney
Steve Edney
13 years ago

1. Bg5 (threatening 2. Rd6#)
1. … Rd7 2. Rxd7 Kxd7 3. e6+ Ke8 4 Rd2 (threatening Rd8#)

Steve Edney
Steve Edney
13 years ago

and I see I got it right. Took about 15 minutes though which would have probably run me out of time – not to mention I knew there was something to look for and could see!