Putt’n on the Ritz

They don’t get much better than this. HT Three Quarks

Well for the umpteeth time, WordPress has spat out the ’embedding’ code I put into it.  But this link is fabulous.

PS – I find on reviewing the site that it seems to have ’embedded’ when all I posted was the link – too complicated for me – but enjoy.

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14 years ago

Undoubtedly, a master at work!

As a commenter noted on Three Quarks, in Ginger’s view:-

“I did everything Fred did, only backward and in high heels”

James Farrell
14 years ago

Do you stick to your claim that Michael Jackson was as good?

Madeleine Kingston
Madeleine Kingston
14 years ago

Of course if you will choose eye-catching titles you will get the readers in. Just love Putting on the Ritz. Love the slide too.

In fact my husband and I took up swing dancing late in the piece and found it a wonderful way to stay trim. We are not up to a Ginger and Fred routine but make the grade as enthusiastic spectators when the steps become too complicated Have been a Cotton Club fan for years.

If we can expect governance as smoothly executed as the dancer’s steps and style will hit the jackpot.