Putt’n on the Ritz

They don’t get much better than this. HT Three Quarks

Well for the umpteeth time, WordPress has spat out the ’embedding’ code I put into it.  But this link is fabulous.

PS – I find on reviewing the site that it seems to have ’embedded’ when all I posted was the link – too complicated for me – but enjoy.

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11 years ago

Undoubtedly, a master at work!

As a commenter noted on Three Quarks, in Ginger’s view:-

“I did everything Fred did, only backward and in high heels”

James Farrell
James Farrell(@james-farrell)
11 years ago

Do you stick to your claim that Michael Jackson was as good?

Madeleine Kingston
Madeleine Kingston
11 years ago

Of course if you will choose eye-catching titles you will get the readers in. Just love Putting on the Ritz. Love the slide too.

In fact my husband and I took up swing dancing late in the piece and found it a wonderful way to stay trim. We are not up to a Ginger and Fred routine but make the grade as enthusiastic spectators when the steps become too complicated Have been a Cotton Club fan for years.

If we can expect governance as smoothly executed as the dancer’s steps and style will hit the jackpot.