Warren Buffett

I’ve been a fan of Warren Buffett for some time. I’ve been reading a big fat bio of him – The Snowball by Alice Schroeder. It’s well written but the content is a bit too pedestrian to really make me think it’s worth reading over 800 pages. Anyway, I’ve just finished the best chapter so far and I’ve scanned it into this file (pdf) and recommend it to you as a great story and a great snapshot of this amazing billionaire from a Norman Rockwell painting. The book is remaindered around the traps so you can pick it up at Borders and other places if you want.

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14 years ago

Hi Nicholas,
I’m a huge fan too but I haven’t read The Snowball yet. I’ve read about 5 other books about him. I am a value investor and have done well out of it so far. How are your investments going?