Ronald Reagan and James Dean

I wanted to post this video of Ronald Reagan (not to be mistaken with Ronald McDonald) and James Dean. However WordPress’s new software strips the code away – ostensibly because it will handle it all without the code. But I can’t master what I’m supposed to do.

Anyway, click through – it’s a true period piece. James Dean acts well. Ronald Reagan – just abysmal. More bland than you can imagine.

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Ken Parish
Ken Parish
13 years ago

I’m wondeirng whether we should abandon WordPress and migrate Troppo to another blogging system. They seem to have badly stuffed it in its latest iteration, indeed they stuff up all sorts of things needlessly every time they do an “upgrade”. I reckon WordPress is a classic illustration of the falsity of the wisdom of crowds stuff and the supposed inherent superiority of open source solutions. Mind you I haven’t tried the competitors for quite a long time.

Does anyone have an evaluation of the pluses and minuses of competing blogging platforms?