“The Economists” by Andy Foulds and a bleg

Andy Foulds is obviously a clever fellow. This image of economists is not new. I don’t know when he did it but it’s been doing the rounds for ages. Yesterday I had a great lunch with an economist and was amazed to be told that he didn’t know of it. So for those who don’t know of it – click on the image through to the site – and fiddle around with it and you’ll enjoy it.

Which reminds me to ask, is there any way of lifting this onto powerpoint slides to show at a conference if there is no internet link?

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Matt C
12 years ago

You could just take a screenshot!
In OS X, hod command-shift-4.
In Windows, press Print Screen.

Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd
12 years ago

I used this for the first class of my course for several years. But now I use the Hal Varian video on statistics being the sexy dream job of the next decade.

Roger Migently
12 years ago

You can get it as a screensaver at http://www.screentoys.com/. It’s the last item on the horizontal menu at the top. How you use it from there I’m not sure.

2 tanners
2 tanners
12 years ago

Haven’t got an answer to that, but why not have it running in the background ready to switch to using (on PC) Alt-Tab? When finished, go back to the Power point.
$0.022 (GST inclusive)