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This is a epoch making day. Journalism is now reaching its perfect equilibrium form which it cannot be shifted.

Several portents have pointed towards this. The high priests of Journalism, the parliamentary press gallery, have long understood that race calling is not only cheap and easy, but best practice. They have also understood that he-said she-said journalism – quoting naught but press conferences, the PR flaks of rent seekers and publicity seeking professional talking heads – is also the best way to provide the sacred balance they rely on, as well as sparing the effort of finding information oneself, sparing energy for race calling

Now we reach the final form of this art.  Chris Wallace, proudly at the front of The Australian “Focus” section, shows us what journalism is destined focus on.

He-said, she-said reporting to determine who is winning the race amongst the press gallery.

This is utter genius. Pure perfect equilibrium, sealed off from all external contaminating influences. They can go on quoting each other (without leaving their desks) in a self perpetuating cycle for all eternity. They have finally come to the enlightenment that there is nothing that matters so much as themselves, after all, their opinion is what Rudd’s rise was “entirely based on”.

Why pollute themselves with anything outside their hermetically sealed paradise?

About Richard Tsukamasa Green

Richard Tsukamasa Green is an economist. Public employment means he can't post on policy much anymore. Also found at @RHTGreen on twitter.
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Nicholas Gruen
14 years ago

Kerry O’Brien has ‘recalibrated’ Rudd.

Methinks that Abbot was getting less traction until Rudd was recalibrated. I guess Rudd will go into damage control. Then I’m thinking he is sure to reposition himself. But can he reinvent himself? This is the question all the readers of this blog want to know. I think Chris Wallace could probably tell us. And if she couldn’t, that shouldn’t stop Fran Kelly asking Michelle Grattan on RN Breakfast “But Michelle, can Rudd reinvent himself?”

Then all eyes will be on Michelle. Well ears actually. All ears will be on Michelle, and she will let us into her own thinking about whether Rudd can reinvent himself.

All of which shows just how much of a hassle it can be to be recalibrated by Kerry O’Brien.

Darrin Buckland
13 years ago

A single third party speech in Msnbc in the Tv show. He has a genuinely tough immigration law coverage. They graduated about the Harvard Collage. Now he has her one Stereo Show. He don’t like your Us chief executive.


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