Freelance design anyone?

Hi all,

I’m occasionally after people to help me make diagrams look flasher or more compelling than I have the talent, tools or time to do. I have one such task right now. It’s probably not more than an hour’s work right now but if you can do a good job of it I’m bound to have more work from time to time. If you’d like the work, please drop me a line on 1.  You don’t have to be a pro, you just have to like designing and have some flair for it!

  1. ngruen AT gmail DOT you know the rest[]
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13 years ago

Hi Nicholas,

Surely there is some kind of web 2.x site/service where you can fulfill this via a competition. e.g. you publish the data points and your requirements, and then take multiple entries from whoever has spare time on the day. You could then award a prize (payment) to the best entry.

This means for any project you’d get multiple perspectives on how to present the information. And if you published the winning entry you’d also be providing feedback to people that might help the next time you need some work done.