“Moving forward” — You’ve heard the slogan, now do the dance

Ghana’s New Patriotic Party went to the 2008 presidential election with a new slogan: "Moving Forward". Christiana Love’s song ‘Moving forward‘ was played at party events and there was a dance that might be oddly familiar to Australians:

Look at the way the New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters dance at their rallies. They stretch both arms in front, bend their elbows and launch into brisk hops forward to imitate the Black Stars’ celebration dance they borrowed from the Hawks of Togo who also copied the kangaroo mode of locomotion.

Far from it being a victory dance for the politicians, the kangaroo is used to illustrate the concept of "moving forward" which is not different from the age -old CPP slogan, "Forward ever, backward never."

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Nicholas Gruen
Nicholas Gruen(@nicholas-gruen)
11 years ago

We’re moving forward here at Troppo.

Moving forward, moving forward, moving forward.

We are moving forward.

My goodness me we are.

11 years ago

Gillard says she wants the focus of the election to be “on taking the nation forward” – as you would, if you were up to your neck in a mire largely of your own making.