Great article on human sexuality

I’ve thought this for yonks:

Few mainstream therapists would contemplate trying to persuade a gay man or lesbian to “grow up, get real, and stop being gay.” But most insist that long-term sexual monogamy is “normal”.

This doesn’t mean I’m throwing the switch to polygamy or wife swapping any time soon, but it’s always struck me how inconsistently we throw round arguments in the area of sexuality. Anyway, the quote above comes from this article which is well worth a read. HT  Three quarks.

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John Passant
11 years ago

Can I take it you’re suggesting that the rise of class society changed our sexual norms? A good article, and I loved the last comment among many others that ‘just because you’ve chosen to be vegan, it’s utterly natural to yearn for an occasional bacon cheeseburger.’

As I do my shopping the meat section cries out to me from time to time.

Jack Strocchi
11 years ago

Nicholas Gruen quotes with satisfaction:

But most insist that long-term sexual monogamy is “normal”.

The cultural aspiration towards monogamy remains normal. This is the key issue, irrespective of any “startling revelations” about our paeleolithic tendencies towards sexual-free-for-alls.

Andrew Norton covers recent National Social Science Survey polling research on public attitudes towards extra-marital sex. He reports the findings show that the public is, if anything, hardening in its disapproval of hanky-panky.

While attitudes to premarital sex and homosexuality have become more liberal over time, by contrast attitudes to extramarital sex seem to have become slightly more conservative.

No doubt there are any number of internet dating sites which prove that public opinion on this subject is humbug. But that only goes to show that the spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak.

Even if one has not experienced the trauma of infidelity at first hand (I haven’t, thank God) its obvious that younger people are very much more judgemental of Baby Boomers casual attitudes towards sacred vows. Over the past couple of decades two artists of genius have expressed this anguis in searing terms. “The Ice Storm” depicts the devastating impact that marital infidelity can have on children’s lives. And Kurt Cobain’s musice reflects the agony he experienced when his parents divorced.

Sometimes its cool to not be liberal.