In case you’re interested, there are some great election haikus circulating with the hastag above.

Here are a few chosen pretty quickly.  Feel free to offer your own here, or on Twitter.

Labour it campaigns / Five weeks in a leaky boat? / Waterfalls await.

All day winter winds/ howl, but cannot quite drown out/ those inane slogans.

@annabelcrabb seems to be pumping them out at a great rate.

A quick fave which seems to chime in with my own current preoccupations:

but moving forward / we go around in circles / unless we look back

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13 years ago

Abbott is annoying
Gall bladders are galling
But factions are worst.

13 years ago

Campaigns are measured
Poll by poll and week by week,
Labor leak by Labor leak.

13 years ago

Debate nights: handshakes,
Grins, talks, spins, always thinking –
“They must be destroyed!”

13 years ago

Paradox: you can’t
Vote for the least worst pollie
They’re all hideous.