Ozblogistan News, Part Deux

Hello all, your friendly Ozblogistan Overlord here.

Last week I wrote briefly about slowness being caused by attempts to debug a comments plugin used by several Ozblogistan blogs — Brian’s Latest Comments — in the context of Larvatus Prodeo. It transpires that LP’s database of comments was too large to process without causing errors and slowdowns. During the week I worked on various modifications; these ‘work’ in that they have the correct behaviour and don’t crash, but in actual use they have proved to be unacceptably slow.

Consequently I have asked our blogs to deactivate the offending plugin for a few weeks. Our busiest, Catallaxy Files and Larvatus Prodeo, have done so, which should for now improve performance for everyone.

Why have I asked them to deactivate it for a few weeks? Because yours truly is moving to Darwin to take up a new job. I won’t have my usual computer for 3 weeks, according to the removalists. Once I am settled in I have another plan of attack to try, but until then I will not be in a position to easily fix things. Until then, enjoy the blogging.

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4 Responses to Ozblogistan News, Part Deux

  1. dorinny says:

    hey jacques, just wondering if these blog bugs are causing comments to not show up?

    I’ve just tried responding to a post (it wasnt working yesterday, so I tried again this morning) and no luck.

    maybe the blog god doesnt like my comments..?

  2. dorinny says:

    obviously, not having a problem commenting on this post – but the one I’ve been attempting to respond to is “meltdown”

  3. You were marked as spam by Akismet. I don’t know why. I see you posted thrice; beware that Akismet seems to frown on that. Generally if you don’t see a comment right away, wait a little bit and then ask about it in the relevant thread. If WordPress says it was moderated, hang out and the author or someone else will usually get to looking at it.

  4. dorinny says:

    cheers jacques!

    will do next time.

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