Troppo Weekend Comp: #Mediacarcass warning signs – come up with your own . . .

Some great graphics from Tom Scott. I think the warning signs make most impact on their own, but Tom has annotated them on his site.  Below, your opportunity to win the coveted  Troppo Mercedes Sports and dinner with Nelson Mandela

Statistics, survey results and/or equations in this article were sponsored by a PR company.

This article is basically just a press release, copied and pasted.

Medical claims in this article have not been confirmed by peer-reviewed research.

This article is based on an unverified, anonymous tipoff.

To meet a deadline, this article was plagiarised from another news source.

This article contains unsourced, unverified information from Wikipedia.

Journalist does not understand the subject they are writing about.

Journalist hiding their own opinions by using phrases like 'some people claim'.

To ensure future interviews with subject, important questions were not asked.

Warnings I’d like to see include:

  • Warning: no concepts were hurt or in any way engaged with in the production of this article it is another teaspoon’s contribution to the ocean of race-calling. #racecalling
  • Warning: the people quoted in this article are spokespeople. They would say what they say and it carries no probative or persuasive weight whatever. #MandyRiceDavies
  • Warning: We know that you don’t want to know about the issues being discussed. You’re really a pundit at heart, so you’re going to be wondering, along with us “who’s spin is going over better, who’s getting away with it”. #PunditTrashTalk
  • Warning: the ‘expert’ quoted in this article/audio-video segment may know more about what happened in Question Time yesterday, but has no better claim into divining the private motives of actors or into predicting the future than the average loud-mouth down the pub. #CrystallBalls

Please help us out with some more Warnings – and the corresponding hashtags.

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