Congratulations, Nicholas!

When the boss wins the Christmas raffle it’s customary to draw again, and I wish I could think of an excuse to offer the prize in the election tipping contest to someone else. But you have to hand it to Nicholas for getting the House of Representatives result spot on. Even if Andrew Wilkie ends up winning in Denison, this blog’s most prolific contributor still has the closest prediction. The promised guest post on Club Troppo is all his as well.

Of course, if Labor ends up winning Hasluck, both the prize and the glory will be transferred to either Karl or David Kellam, depending on what happens in Denison.

High commendation goes also to Harry Clarke, who got the outcome right, but didn’t quantify it exactly. Harry’s ambivalent reaction to the election is well worth reading. And Edward Mariyani-Squire earns a very modest commendation for tipping that Labor would just fail to win an absolute majority.

Thus, five people predicted a hung parliament, which means that the four people who made contingent pledges will each donate $250 to the Red Cross’s Pakistan appeal. Thanks very much to Nicholas, John and Jaybee. When we include the non-contingent pledges from Conrad and Harry, that makes a total of $1150 raised from this exercise.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed.

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Nicholas Gruen
Nicholas Gruen(@nicholas-gruen)
11 years ago

So where’s the Mercedes Sports?